Autism Community Magazine was created with one main goal in mind: to help parents, teachers, therapists, and families of special needs children through advocacy and the latest information on autism. Our magazine provides information on the most recent medical studies and findings, healthy living, products to assist autistic children and their families, dietary information- including gluten free and casein free foods and even budgeting tips.

Created in 2008 by Publisher and Founder Leah, Postelnik, Autism Community Magazine strives to bring together the autism community through compassion, information, and sharing. The goal behind our publication is to find and share with readers any information that is been helpful as well as information from professionals who work with patients and those in the special needs community.

Located in Lighthouse Point, Florida and with a readership of 15,000 and growing, our staff asks that you send us any information you feel would be helpful to share with other parents and families of autistic children.

Autism is now diagnosed in 1 in 88 children. More children are diagnosed with autism than cancer, diabetes and even AIDS combined. Because autism is the fastest growing serious developmental disability, parents and family members of special needs children are clamoring for any help, knowledge and information they can get.

Our goal is to help lessen the burden of autism on parents by providing information on natural and holistic treatment and approaches to help alleviate the symptoms of autism. We will do our best to provide you, our readers and members of the autism community with the latest and most helpful information as fast as we come across it. As we strive to promote a national presence with Autism Community Magazine we look forward to serving you, our readers.